360 Degree Product Viewing

Welcome to a new way to explore the benefits of Shor-Line products. Without shows available, we developed new angles and ideas to help you see the Shor-Line difference.
Each product has links to the standard product listing, and some products have additional animations that show product functions. We offer FREE consultations so you can discuss your unique situation and receive quotes and ideas.

Surgery SUite

This shows a Surgery Suite equipped with Shor-Line tables, lights and accessories. Click on icons for product information or to request a quote. Click here for articles on Classic Surgery Tables and Prelude LED Surgery Lights.


Stainless Steel Front-to-Back T-Kennel

Take a Dog’s Eye tour of a Front-to-Back T-Kennel. The transfer door connects the two sides. Here is information on the difference between T-Kennel and Shor-Line Runs. Our Kennel Configurators let you select options and get quotes on them. And our Kennel Run Guide is the perfect education tool for evaluating your run options…and it’s FREE!.


Feline Comfort Suite Room

This room features banks of Feline Comfort Suites with tri-panel doors, polycarbonate litter doors and glass backs. You can design your own options with our Configurator and receive a quote on each option.


Feline Comfort Suite

This Feline Comfort Suite has several options. Instead of pass-throughs that open and close from the outside, it uses the optional Kat Portal. It has optional extruded PVC resting shelf instead of an optional Kat Kave. The litter area has a polycarbonate door with optional frosted coating. The main living area has a trig-panel door.


Stainless Steel Cat Suite Banks

The Stainless Steel Cat Suite was designed with University feline thought leaders to reduce stress for cats by increasing space and providing separate living and litter areas.


Feline Serenity Suite

The Feline Serenity Suite combines the best from the Feline Comfort Suite and the Stainless Steel Cat Suite. This unit has a full grill door but the standard is a tri-panel door that allows the cat an unobstructed view. It uses a Kat Portal to allow the cat to move from the main area to the litter area. An optional Kat Kave acts as a resting bench and a hideaway.


Tub Table

We offer Tub Tables in Stainless Steel and Laminate. The tubs feature our famous Stainless Steel craftsmanship. This shows our tub table in a treatment area. Discover more about the dozens of Tub Table options in our Configurator.


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