Blue-Line Platform Scales

Choosing the Options

dark blue gray lime green lightblue mossgreen tan
Blue-Line Platform is Stainless Steel with a polyethylene edge band available in four colors

1 Scale Blue-Line Colors

Choose your Blue-Line color (For K9W8, select N/A)

Standard Blue


Taupe Gray



2 Scale Mount

Display Unit Mounting

You can choose between a post or wall mount. The Post Mount is 37”H and powder-coated gray. You can place the Wall Mount at your choice above the scale or further down the hall.

Post Mount

Post Mount places the display on the post. The post can slide within 4” of the scale.

Post Mount

Remote Mount

Wall Mount allows you to place the display. An optional 10’ data cord extension is available.


Remote Mount

3 Display Type

How Will You Use It?

The lobby area and back treatment/operating section are the two most common scale placements. The basic display with operation keys is standard. Adding a remote display (without operation keys) allows a receptionist or office manager to see the reading.

Basic Display with Operation Keys

Basic Display with Operation Keys shows the weight on the display.

Basic Display with Operation Keys

Remote Display

Remote Display shows the weight on the display PLUS a remote display mounted within a line of site of the main unit.

Remote Display

Your Custom Configuration

1. Scale Blue-Line Colors
    2. Scale Mount
      3. Display Type