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How can I expedite my product order?

Have a good conversation about your delivery timeline with your sales representative when you order. You can help speed the process by turning around all the order paperwork as soon as possible. Avoid making changes ...

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Can I change the actuator on my grooming table?

Shor-Line electric lift grooming tables have durable actuators that provide great service. But like every electric part, the more you use it the faster it wears out. However, you can replace the actuator fairly easily. ...

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How do I buy a product?

There are three ways to get quotes for products and two ways to purchase them. Call 800.444.1579 and ask to purchase the item(s). The sales rep will ask information about your address and product-specific choices. ...

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How do I access DWG files for Shor-Line products?

To help those designing rooms and facilities with Shor-Line products, we offer free downloadable dwg files with an accurate registration. This generic file format will allow you to import the drawings into your design software. ...

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How do I stop my light head from drifting?

Our Prelude LED Exam and Surgery lights are adjustable for fingertip control. Check out the Troubleshooting video “Surgery Lights: Adjusting the Tension” for help. This should keep the arm where you place it. If this ...

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My only scale just failed. Help!

We can help you. Our scales last for decades but their electronic parts do eventually wear out. Try identify a scale that might go out early (I know!). Contact our Tech Support team at 800444.1579 ...

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