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Kennels provide a great housing option for boarding and daycare facilities. Mix and match sizes and styles for pet customer comfort.

Shor-line Side to Side Kennel

T-Kennel Single Kennel


Shor-Line Kennels: Two Kennel Options, One Commitment to Durable Design

The balancing act boarding and daycare facilities juggle is how to provide secure housing that allow pets to relax while also addressing pet parent needs for luxury and affordability. Shor-Line has been helping with solutions for the last 20 years.

Shor-Line has two run gate lines: Shor-Line and T-Kennel. Both provide premium housing built with pet safety in mind and durable for decades of heavy use. T-Kennel runs have been upgraded to include the T-Core Perfect Panel™ that laminates two pieces of PVC with extra dense polyurethane foam and a Triple Seal Channel that enhances cross contamination protection. Most pet boarding and daycare facilities select T-Kennel for the wider selection of kennel styles and colored panels. Most veterinarians choose the Stainless Steel Shor-Line kennels for their durability and sanitizing features.

Differences Between Shor-Line and T-Kennel

For a detailed diagram of Shor-Line Kennel features, click here, and click here for T-Kennel, click here. You can also download an educational booklet, The Kennel Run Guide. Here are the key differences between the two kennels:

  • Shor-Line Kennels are 6’6”H and T-Kennel runs are 6’H.
  • We construct Shor-Line Kennels from 1¼” square tubing with mitered corners and T-Kennel runs have 1” square tubing with mitered corners.
  • Shor-Line runs use the Wedge Kennel Run system to follow the slope of the floor and are sealed to prevent cross contamination.
  • T-Kennel runs employ a triple seal protection to help prevent cross contamination. The bar drops down to follow the floor’s slope and a flange is sealed to prevent cross contamination.
  • T-Kennel runs have a door plus an adjacent panel to complete the front. Shor-Line runs have a full-width door (gate).
  • T-Kennel runs have a feeding slot swivel (feeders are optional add-ons, and most models require door modification for larger feeders) built in while Shor-Line runs must be ordered with optional feeders built in. See “Feeding Options” page.
  • T-Kennel doors swing both ways. Shor-Line gates only swing out.
  • There is an outdoor panel option for T-Kennel runs. (Allows for expansion and contraction of panel material without degrading panel security.)

Similarities Between Shor-Line and T-Kennel

Both kennel lines have Shor-Line high-quality craftsmanship. These are the often over-looked items that make your facility last for decades and provide the strength to withstand strong, continuous dog contact.

  • High-quality wire panel welds for extra durability.
  • Stainless Steel wires placed every 6” for security.
  • “Clean” welds that provide a professional look and resist debris buildup.
  • Careful assembly and “fit” for every panel for not only a clean look but also proper impact control and smooth joints to protect dogs.

Shor-Line has been building Kennels for more than 40 years, so we know why hands-free latches are important and that some dogs will need a top panel. (Consider having at least a few runs with top panels for your jumping dogs…and your peace of mind.)

How to Know What I Need?


  • Kennel Configurator. Our newest tool lets you review the different panel and material options available for Shor-Line and T-Kennel runs. Save the results to your Shor-Line account, download to your research files and/or ask for price quotes.
  • FREE Consultation. We are here to help from the “Dream Stage” to the construction phase. We know you will need information, pricing and pictures all along the road to a building decision. Use your FREE consultation as many times as you need throughout this process. All of our sales team members have decades of experience building animal facilities, so ask questions, send plans…even if they are bar napkin drawings… and keep asking questions. If you can dream it, we most likely can build it!
  • Product quotes. You can ask for as many quotes as you want. If you are doing a compare/contrast on different options, you might want to talk with your rep so your quotes arrive in an easy-to-compare fashion. Also, keep a dialog going with your architect. We have lots of great ideas for getting great pricing on even the most awkward layout (think historic buildings).
  • Kennel Run Guide. Download the FREE Kennel Run Guide, a booklet that explains the different types of kennel runs in the professional boarding and animal care industry. It contains examples and pros and cons of the various styles.
  • See the Difference at a Show. Talk with your rep or look on our conference schedule to see when you can see and feel the quality difference in Shor-Line equipment. Some shows will provide free passes if you are coming to see an exhibiting manufacturer, so check with us and the show.

We make reaching us easy. During regular working days (M-F), we are open from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. CT. Our outside sales reps (who provide the FREE consultations), often keep hours in their (your) time zone, so consult the Sales Representative page for their direct dial number.


Check Out the Gallery of Kennel Installations

Even standard kennel installations look custom with Shor-Line’s kennels. See what others have done, and then talk to a sales rep about how to get that look in your facility.

Kennel Run Gallery

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