Lightweight Tub Mat

Lifts the pet off the tub floor and removes easily for cleaning.

Ergonomics are so important for bathers. This alternative to heavier floors makes cleaning easier while still providing secure traction for pet paws. It employs the latest technology to prevent disease in this moist environment.

The two-level grid has a micro-textured surface that provides grip and cushion at the same time. This lowers pet stress and makes bathing easier while keeping the pet about a ½” off the tub floor. The micro tracks molded into the black ribs channel bathing water to the drain.

Keeping the tub clean in a moist environment is critical to helping to prevent disease and fungus from forming. This floor uses the same science that health clubs use. The flexible PVC is embedded with anti-bacteria and anti-fungal sanitized additives.

The cushioned PVC also has natural sound absorption properties. If the pet moves around, there is no clanking or loud noises. This aids in creating a tranquil environment for the pet and the bather.

When the bath is done and it is cleanup time, it hoses our easily. If a pet came in particularly muddy, the bather can take the mat outside for a quick hosedown. And the mat can be cleaned with common groomer and shelter cleaning products.

A hair interceptor is the groomer’s best friend because unclogging a drain in never any fun. Most grooming tubs come with a basic hair filter but the Hair Interceptor is a more durable unit that that traps hair and makes cleaning it out simple.

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