When Showers Work Best

Easy Walk In, Walk Out for Large Breeds.

The Elite Grooming Shower gives the ultimate answer for how to bathe large and giant breeds. The bather can position perfectly to remove dirt and debris from extra-large dogs.

The open space on the shower gives lots of room for maneuvering around the dog to get all the right spots. The restraining ring allows attachment on either a high or low bar (or both!). This flexibility provides options.

Although showers are open at the front, the bather can position the spray into the deep bathing area that has high (more than 50”) sides and a slope to the drain.

Shor-Line has radiused corners that help prevent debris buildup and makes cleaning easier. The shower also has the sturdy 1”-square tubing around the shower. The tubing provides stability for the sides, increasing longevity and protecting the shower from possible bangs from large dogs new to bathing.

One of the things to look for when comparing showers is the premium features that come standard. The supply caddy is built in, the sliding rings go almost the length of the shower and the front is tapered to prevent bruising from running into the edge.

The Elite Grooming Shower is available as a Left Hand or Right Hand drain.

New Options in Flooring

The Elite Grooming Shower comes standard with two PVC Coated Tub floors that sit on the bottom of the unit. As an alternative, Shor-Line is now offering a Lightweight Tub Mat. It is a ribbed mat with a two-level grid that lifts the pet off the tub floor. It’s lightweight, making it easy to remove for cleaning.

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