Cage Basics

Shor-Line’s Legendary Stainless Steel Cages Are Now Serving the Third Generation of Veterinarians.

Designing Your Ideal Cage Bank

Animal care professionals tell us they depend on our cages because they are durable, easy to clean and last for decades. And we stand behind the sale. Our technical support team still helps customers with Type 1 cages…we are on Type 3 now.

Are Cages Low Stress?

In today’s world of low-stress pet care, where do cages fit? Cages are a great “den” for animals recovering from veterinary procedures or relaxing for a nap. They also make secure housing overnight as well as during the day.

In fact, many facilities that take pets out for walks and play use the cages as the main housing and resting area. The vast majority of pets feel safe in the cage, especially with some added enrichment items.

Shor-Line has worked with leading shelter housing experts to create new Stainless Steel housing that conforms with the latest feline research. Read about it here and check out the Serenity Suite and the Stainless Steel Cat Suite. Two other low-stress options are the Kat Portal, which connects two Stainless Steel cages, and the Kat Kave, which allows perching and hiding to reduce stress.

When you consider the lifetime of housing, Shor-Line cages are about the most economical housing option.

How to Order Cage Banks

Ordering one cage or a bank of cages is simple because Shor-Line provides so many standard sizes. Starting at 18”W x 18”H, cages get larger at each 6” increment. Although you can order custom sizes, you can save money by staying within these sizes. Explore the options with our Cage Configurator.

The largest cage Shor-Line makes is 72”W x 36”H Double Door cage. It can be divided into two 36”W x 36”H cages with an optional divider. Our most popular cage is the 30”W x 30”H cage because it works for felines or small dogs.

We have 25 standard cage banks that we show. This gives customers some ideas for how to mix and match the cage sizes.

Standard practice is to put the smaller animals on the top and the larger ones on the bottom. (You probably don’t want to lift a Golden Retriever to a top cage.) Remember, it is easier to close off Double Door Cages to create two small cages than to be without large cages.

When determine your cage mix, review you records to see what percentage of small, medium and large pets you need to house. Equally important is where your population is heading. Are you seeing more large dogs? Are you focusing on felines and expanding your options there?

You can design a custom cage bank at standard pricing by mixing and matching our standard sizes. First, figure the bank width. Then, decide the cage mix.

The width of the base bank layer determines what you can put on next layer. For example, if you do two 60”W x 30”H cages on the bottom, then you need the total width of cages in the next layer to add up to 120”. Note: 18”W cages are only available in 18” and 24”H. Here are the options:

  • Five 24W” cages
  • Four 30”W cages
  • Three 24”W, one 30”W and one 18”W cages
  • Two 30”W, one 24”W and two 18”W cages

Going Mobile or Staying Stationary

How you install the cages is the last step in ordering. We sell cages by the individual unit but include the cost of assembly connection hardware. Platforms are extra.

If you have or are building interior insets for the cages, have your architect or builder work with our team on the correct design specifications for the insert area.

If you will have the cage bank as a standalone, you will need some type of platform. We offer either mobile or stationary platforms. The Stainless Steel platform allows the cage assembly to sit up for stability and is designed to support the size of the cage bank. (Larger banks will have multiple crossbars.

Mobile Platform

The wheels are the key feature in our Mobile Platform. Our popular nylon-reinforced casters with polyurethane wheels make even the largest assemblies move easily between locations or just away from the wall for cleaning. The locking mechanism is robust, and it hold the assembly stationary between moves.

The standard caster with brake adds 8½” in height to the assembly. For customer with three-high or large cages, a Height Reducing Platform is available. It features recessed casters, and it reduces the overall height by only 4”.

Our engineering team will determine the number of casters with brakes you need to support your assembly. The wheels are sold on a per-caster basis. Ask your sales person for details.

Stationary Platform

Leveling Legs on our Stationary Platform are ideal for uneven floor surfaces, such as tile or older buildings. Each leg has an adjustment of 1¼” available. So, the fully extended leg would be 9¼” and the unextended leg would be 8”.

These Stainless Steel leveling legs are sold per leg, and our engineering department will establish the number of legs needed to properly support your platform. If you have a particularly difficult flooring situation, discuss it with your sales representative at the time of order.

Finishing Touches

Most people envision a standalone cage assembly with Stainless Steel sides and backs. What we have found over the years is that most cage assemblies sit between walls or are inset into the wall.

That is why we sell cages standard without side, back or top panels. It saves most customers money by not having to pay for something no one sees.

There are times when you will need or want Stainless Steel panels. The panels are the same high-quality material as our cages, so you will have the same decades-long durability.

You will order the panels custom to your cage assembly but the pricing most likely will be standard. For side panels, have a discussion with your sales representative if you have a preference on whether there is a break between the cages on the side.

FREE Consultation for your Investment

Shor-Line cages will be an asset for your business or shelter. Our sales representatives have decades of experience working with customers from all animal care businesses and shelters. Take advantage of their knowledge early in the process. There are hundreds of ways to configure Shor-Line cages, and most of them are available for standard pricing. Talking with a sales person about your dream configuration by calling 800.444.1579 or signing up for a FREE consultation. No pressure. Just information.

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