Light Up Your Exam Room

Prelude LED Exam Lights

The exam room continues to evolve as pet parents take a more active role in discussing the pet’s health. And just like pediatrician’s offices, the exam room becomes a calmer, less formal affair with lots of educational opportunities.

That is where the Prelude LED Exam light comes in. If you are keeping the lighting low in the room, the Prelude can swing around and be at the ready in low or high to check out a problem area or educate the client.

LED lights have all the benefits of operating cool and efficient. So, they won’t heat up the room. The Prelude LED Exam Light has a sleek profile that folds up into the ceiling or out from the wall.

If there is a diagnostic teaching moment for your client, you can gently and quietly position the light to show or demonstrate. This is perfect for training on eye ointment application or ear cleaning.

The Prelude LED was designed to give you accurate color, especially in the important red spectrum. Lights are rated by color temperature, and the Prelude LED Exam light has a color temperature of 4500°K.

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