Dependable Scales

We’ve been improving our scales for more than 50 years because we know your treatment decisions depend on their accuracy.

What Makes Scales Different?

Scale accuracy is the most important scale quality, and Shor-Line has continuously improved our scale lines with the latest technology.

So even so we have made animal scales for more than 50 years, our load cell technology is cutting edge. We use four load cells evenly positioned because we know you are mainly weighing pets with four legs.

We also know that moisture will come in contact with your scale. The unit is sealed and protected from moisture intrusion. And the surface is Stainless Steel so you can disinfect easily with your standard cleaning protocol.

Both the K9-W8 Scale and Blue-Line Scale lines use the Display with Operation Keys. Everyone likes the easy-to-read ¾-inch high letters. It’s an intuitive unit that easily walks you through standard weighing and maintenance procedures. There are several videos available on this site that help you train your newest employees.

Standing Behind the Sale

Shor-Line technical support is one of the key differences we offer. If your most knowledgeable tech moved out of the state, and no one can figure out how to calibrate your 10-year-old scale, we can help. Our tech support team can answer your questions, walk you through procedures and reassure you that you.

We know the lobby scale will take some wear from curious kids and jumpy dogs, so we can help you get things back to normal. Falling out of calibration is common in all scales, so we put up a troubleshooting section so you can get your Shor-Line scale quickly operating well.

Getting the Longest Scale Life

Our tech support manager collects old Shor-Line scale controllers, and every year he adds one or two from the 1970s or 80s. In fact, technology sometimes improves before a scale wears out.

We believe a Shor-Line offers the best opportunity for a long-lasting scale. Then the next step is to try to keep children from jumping on it. Scales are intended for animals walking onto them. Anything from placing the scale out of sight to offering to let the kids learn proper dog weighing are ideas.

The other best tip is to clean around the scale. Even though it is sealed, it benefits from regular cleaning. Pull out the post and remove any gunk that has accumulated. A monthly cleanup can help…and it will look better!

Finally, use our tech support line. They can chat, talk or e-mail, and likely there is nothing you will ask that they have not heard before. In a minute, they can get you moving toward a solution.

Our Low Stress Feline Scale

Cats naturally like to crouch down, especially when they are assessing a situation. The Feline LS Scale allows the cat to settle in snuggly against the higher sides of the scale. It makes getting an accurate weight simple. It works on smaller dogs and puppies as well because in handles up to 44 lbs.

How to Select the Best Canine Scale

How Will You Use It?

The lobby area and back treatment/operating section are the two most common scale placements. The basic K9-W8 Scale display with operation keys is standard, and it will work well in either location. Some veterinarians prefer the color options of the Blue-Line Scale. The four colors give a “pop” of color to your decor. The colors work well with low-stress hospital colors. The Blue-Line scale is a nice addition to the lobby area.

How Many Scales Do You Need?

As we mentioned above, the lobby area and back treatment/operating section are the two most common scale placements. Depending on the size of your facility, you might want to include one in the boarding area (if you do a sizable boarding business) and a couple of feline scales. The Feline LS Scale weighs up to 44 lbs., so some hospitals use it for puppies and small dogs. Keeping one scale just for felines can lower the stress of cats with dog scent triggers.

Getting and charting the correct weight is a critical part of veterinary medicine. Having multiple scales available for small and larger animals makes sure your staff will never have to wait in line to get an animal weight.


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