Runs 10.1.2020 to 1.5.2021, Continental US only

Better equipment leads to better care. Improve your facility by replacing outdated equipment and purchasing efficient, effective Shor-Line products. Let the government help with 179 savings. (Check with your tax professional, but many non-profits can use Section 179.)

Explore our package deals for total cost savings. Investing in quality equipment helps staff morale. There are more options available in Grooming and Veterinary sections. You can purchase from any tab. Call 800.444.1579 from 8:30-5 p.m. CT M-F.

Runs 10.1.2020 to 1.5.2021, Continental US only. Does not include taxes, shipping or handling unless specified.

Package Deals

T-Kennel Doors for CMU Runs

Buy Stainless Steel Grill or Glass Doors and Get  TWO FREE Stainless Steel Locking Feed Trays (value $80). If you are building a Cement Masonry Unit housing area, this deal is for you.

48”W x 72”H Glass 972.4872.GATE.010 $802
48”W x 72”H Full Grill 972.4872.GATE.001 $605
Stainless Steel Feed Tray(2) FREE

Special Cage Bank for Larger Dogs

This 6’W cage bank is perfect for medium and large dogs with two 36”W x36”H cages at the top and bottom. Each bank you purchase receives the mobile platform FREE and GET shipping for $200 in the continental United States.

902.0105.46 $2,632

Kat Play and Sleep

We now make our popular feline cage bank with extruded PVC, making it waterproof. It has multiple connected living, litter and play areas. The center space allows exercise and lounging. You choose to let one or more cats in at a time. There is ample storage below for litter and supplies.
BUY ONE Kat Play and Sleep and GET FOUR Kat Kaves FREE!

929.1000.00 with Polycarbonate Main Living Doors $9,153
929.2000.00 with Full Grill Main Living Doors $9,153
Kat Kave 802.0007.01 FREE


Feline Serenity Suite, 4’W

Offers a cat’s eye view in the main living area and the full-height litter area with the cleaning benefits of Stainless Steel. And it connects with the popular Kat Portal! Buy NOW and get 2 FREE Kat Kaves…plus $200 for shipping in the continental United States.

Feline Serenity Suite 902.0000.55 $2,850
Kat Kave 802.0007.01 FREE

Feline Comfort Suite, 4’W Option A or B

Our revolutionary new feline housing is waterproof, has 18”W attached litters, offers extra space and tri-doors that let the cat see out. Choose Option A with the litter on the left side or Option B with it on the right side. Buy NOW and get TWO FREE Kat Kaves…plus $200 shipping in the continental United States.

Option A 929.0039.11 $2,597
Option B 929.0039.14 $2,597
Kat Kave 802.0007.01 FREE

Kat Play-Around™

This large play area is perfect for a lobby enrichment area or feline adoption housing. There are plenty of resting and jumping benches to keep cats and visitors entertained. Sold as a mobile unit.

999.9800.00 $4,005


Shelter research shows the benefit to increasing the space in shelters for double compartment housing. The Kat Portal, which connects two Shor-Line cages with a portal the cat can walk through, has been shown to decrease stress and reduce infectious disease. Available in Kat or Puppy Portals. You will need one template to make accurate cage cuts. Special pricing for YES!

Kat Portal 902.0000.30 $73
Puppy Portal 902.0000.33 $79


The Template helps you make accurate cuts in your cages. One template will work for many projects. Choose the size for the portal you will use. Special pricing for YES!

Kat Portal Template 300.2229.00 $73
Puppy Portal Template 300.2334.00 $73

Biteguard Kennelplex™ Door

Heavy-duty door insets into your transfer door area to reduce heat/air conditioning loss when pets go into the outdoor side of the run.

16”W x 24”W opening 909.0002.00 $599
16”W x 32”W opening 909.0002.01 $721


2-Quart Stainless Steel Feeding Bowls

Durable Stainless Steel round bowls- Buy 5, Get 1 FREE

190.9000.06 $6 each

Kat Kave

Reduce feline stress by adding a Kat Kave to any cage 30”W or more. The cat can lounge on the top or burrow in the bottom. Buy 4, Get 1 FREE.

802.0007.01 $62

Cage Valets

Stainless steel tension clip holds papers to a poly-carbonate clipboard with pocket. Discount for volume purchases (price per item)

Small 915.0200.04 1-3 $22
Small 915.0200.04 4-6 $21
Small 915.0200.04 7+ $20
Large 915.0200.05 1-3 $26
Large 915.0200.05 4-6 $23
Large 915.0200.05 7+ $22

Record Holders

Stainless Steel clipboard attaches easily to the horizontal bar of Shor-Line cages, allowing you to securely clip on important records. Discount for volume purchases (price per item)

Small 802.0010.05 1-3 $15
Small 802.0010.05 4-6 $14
Small 802.0010.05 7+ $13
Large 802.0010.06 1-3 $19
Large 802.0010.06 4-6 $18
Large 915.0010.06 7+ $19

Lightweight Cage Mats

The Lightweight Cage Mat is an alternative to our PVC Coated Floors. Flexible PVC flooring lifts the pet off the cage floor by providing a smooth, cushioned surface that is easy to clean yet comfortable to the pet. Discount for volume purchases (price per item)

18″W 170.0000.10 1-3 $45
18″W 170.0000.10 4-6 $42
18″W 170.0000.10 7+ $40
24″W 170.0000.11 1-3 $63
24″W 170.0000.11 4-6 $61
24″W 170.0000.11 7+ $59
30″W 170.0000.12 1-3 $68
30″W 170.0000.12 4-6 $66
30″W 170.0000.12 7+ $64
36″W 170.0000.13 1-3 $83
36″W 170.0000.13 4-6 $81
36″W 170.0000.13 7+ $79
48″W SD 170.0000.14 1-3 $113
48″W SD 170.0000.14 4-6 $111
48″W SD 170.0000.14 7+ $109
48″W DD* 170.0000.15 1-3 $63
48″W DD* 170.0000.15 4-6 $61
48″W DD* 170.0000.15 7+ $59
*Double door cages need two pieces.

Stainless SteelCard Holders

Stainless Steel holder makes it easy to slide a card in to indentify patients.  Discount for volume purchases (price per item)

Small 802.0000.01 1-3 $9
Small 802.0000.01 4-6 $8
Small 802.0000.01 7+ $7
Large 802.0000.02 1-3 $13
Large 802.0000.02 4-6 $12
Large 802.0000.02 7+ $11


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