People have never loved their pets more. And this means the Year End Sale* is a great time to invest in your business. We are holding the line on prices despite raw material increases to thank you for your business and patience.

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Runs 10.15.21 to 1.7.22, US only.

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Big Top™ Grooming Table, Electric Lift

This extra-large grooming table lets the groomer decide the best positioning. The strongest grooming arm in the business rotates around the table 180 degrees. Rounded corners protect your hips.

$1,183 903.3220.53 Plum Perfect
$1,183 903.3220.55 Screamin’ Green
$1,183 903.3220.57 Burnt Orange
$1,183 903.3220.59 Electric Pink
$1,183 903.3220.61 Silver Vein
$1,183 903.3220.63 Shor-Line Blue

Elite Grooming Table, Electric Lift

This tabletop is a little smaller than the Big Top™  but it has the same frame. That means you get the same ergonomics and durability to decide the best positioning.

$1,073 903.3220.19 Plum Perfect
$1,073 903.3220.20 Screamin’ Green
$1,073 903.3220.21 Burnt Orange
$1,073 903.3220.22 Electric Pink
$1,073 903.3220.10 Silver Vein
$1,073 903.3220.42 Shor-Line Blue

Just Getting Started?

Our newest grooming trio provides the durability you expect from Shor-Line with basic but premium features.

Shor-Pet Grooming Table

This stylish, durable table has plenty of space and a durable hydraulic lift. Add your own grooming arm or pair it with an optional Shor-Pet Grooming Arm.

$741 903.3230.00 White
$741 903.3230.01 Silver Vein

Shor-Pet Grooming Arm

This features the Stainless Steel strength of a Shor-Line grooming arm, and it fits onto the Shor-Pet Grooming Table.

$339 803.3221.08 Fits Shor-Pet Grooming Table

All-Purpose Grooming Table

This could become your favorite table. It is counter height and ergonomically ideal for drying, applying nail polish or primping the pet for pickup. The black, textured tabletop is 42”W x 26”D.

$498 903.4227.00 White
$498 903.4227.01 Silver Vein

Kennel Gear™ Sport Caddy

This table-mounted caddy keeps tools off the table.

$52 041.0017.62 Blue
$52 041.0017.20 Black

Elite Grooming Tub

Ergonomics are built in to allow placement of the included PVC coated floors at the bottom or the top. The stairs slide out to help the pet in and kick out of the way. Easy to clean.

$3,299 904.0702.40 Left Hand Door, Right Hand Drain
$3,299 9904.0702.41 Right Hand Door, Left Hand Drain

Classic Grooming Tub

Same great ergonomics as the Elite but without the stairs.

$2,262 904.0702.34 Right Hand Drain
$2,262 904.0702.35 Left Hand Drain

Wall Mount Faucet with Blue Coil Hose

Durable faucet attaches to either side of your tub for dependable bathing. This faucet works for the built-in openings on either the Classic or Elite Grooming Tubs.

$414 804.0139.00 Blue Coil Hose

Stainless Steel Holding Cage Options

Our legendary cage banks have extra welds and bars on the door for strength. The hinges and latches keep pets secure. Everyone appreciates how the rounded corners make disinfecting easy. Buy once and enjoy them throughout your career.

Our 4’ Stainless Steel Assembly, Option B, is great for Groomers

$2,082 4’ Stainless Steel Cage Assembly, Option B


PVC Coated Floors

Add PVC Coated Floors to so the dog sits on a dry surface. For the 4’ assembly, option B, use two 24”W and two 48”W double door pieces.

$117 317.0098.01 Fits 24”W cage
$117 317.0098.05 Fits 48”W double door cage (need two pieces)

You Will LOVE Our Cage Dryers

Our dryers use two fans to circulate the air and lift the fur. This dislodges loose fur, giving a fluffy finish with no worries of overheating.

Single Dryer

This cage is 48”W x 28”D x 25½”H with a removable, PVC coated floor. It comes with a divider so you could dry two dogs.

$2,028 926.4836.01

Double Dryer Unit

This features two single units that attach together securely.

$3,909 926.2000.02

Triple Dryer Unit

This has a single dryer unit on the bottom and two single holding kennels above.

$2,810 926.3000.03

Deals on Arms

Our Grooming Arms are the best in the business. We craft them from our legendary Stainless Steel tubing to hold up to your strongest dogs.

Retrofit Grooming Arm

Have a competitive table with a failed arm? This replacement arm fits the bracket for most arms, giving added dependability.

$98 803.3221.06

Rear Grooming Arm

We’ve added a Rear Grooming Arm option. It bolts securely underneath the table and lets you secure wiggly customers. Picture shows how it would work when added to your existing table.

$339 803.3221.00 Fits Elite Grooming Table
$339 803.3221.08 Fits Big Top™ Grooming Table

Back-Saving Anti-Fatigue Mats

You know the benefits of back-saving anti-fatigue mats. This not only makes you feel better, but it resists fur sticking. The mat is ½” thick and available in two sizes.

$92 803.0100.05 48”W x 24”L Mat
$70 803.0100.07 36”W x 24”L Mat

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