Animal shelters received record levels of support during the pandemic as people embraced shelter pets like never before. This could be the time to reach out to finance improvements in your shelter. We have templates you can use to help raise funds.

We are working hard to give you the best possible prices in the Year End Sale* despite raw materials shortages and increases. Order now to reserve your items…most deliveries will be in 2022. Work with our reps if you need items sooner. There are more options available in Grooming and Veterinary sections. You can purchase from any tab.

Runs 10.15.21 to 1.7.22, US only.

*Prices are F.O.B. Kansas City, KS. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include installation, shipping and handling charges or any applicable taxes. Shor-Line is not responsible for any typographical errors.


Re-Introducing the Kat Play and Sleep

We now manufacture our popular feline cage bank with extruded PVC, making it waterproof. It has multiple connected living, litter and play areas. The center space allows exercise and lounging. You choose to let one or more cats in at a time.

Price shown is with white edge banding. Colored banding available for small increase. Total outside size is 10’W x 6’9”H, including mobile platform.

$7,998 Kat Play and Sleep

Stainless Steel Cat Suites

This premium Stainless Steel housing was designed with university thought leaders. Its quiet-closing latch and polymer benches let felines quietly prowl through the unit, reducing stress.

It has two-levels of sliding pass throughs between the top resting bench and the litter as well as at the floor of the cage. Available with 24”W or 36”W main units that pair with a 12”W litter area.

$3,754 48”W SS Double Unit 902.0103.24

Feline Serenity Suites

Our newest Stainless Steel feline housing offers a luxurious view in the main living area and a full-height litter area with the cleaning benefits of Stainless Steel. And it connects with the popular Kat Portal!

It creates a low-stress living space with a quiet-closing latch and plenty of space. You can choose between a 24”W, 30”W or 42”W main living area. All litter areas are 18”W and full height to provide for proper elimination posturing.

$2,758 3½’W 902.0000.51
$2,960 4’W 902.0000.52
$3,336 5’W 902.0000.53

Feline Comfort Suites and Condos

Our revolutionary new feline housing is waterproof, has 18”W attached litters, offers extra space and tri-doors that let the cat see out. It reduces feline stress by allowing cats the space to exhibit natural behaviors.

Choose between Suites—24”W or 30”W main units with attached litters—or Condos–24”W or 30”W main units that can stand alone or can be connected with pass throughs. See sample pricing or use our configurator to design your own and request a YES21 price in the notes section. Note: All sample condo prices include optional pass throughs. White edge banding is standard on all, but colored banding is available as an option.

Suite Options

Suites have a choice of main living area width and door style. Doors can be tri-door (shown), all grill, polycarbonate or tri-door with viewing dome.

All suites come with an 18”W litter area that has a clip for attaching records. The full-height litter reduces stress by aiding elimination posturing.

$3,070 4’W Suite, Option A, Tri-Door, Mobile
$3,170 4’W Suite, Option A, Polycarbonate Door, Mobile

Condo Options

Condos are single unit housing that you can order with pass throughs that allow you to connect them (as shown in the picture).

One popular strategy has been to purchase condo units with pass throughs and use them as double units when space permits and close off when needed.

$3,264 4’W Condo, 24”W x 30”H, Mobile
$4,946 7½’W Condo, 30”W x 30”H, Mobile

Kat Play-Around ™

This large play area is perfect for a lobby enrichment area or feline adoption housing. There are plenty of resting and jumping benches to keep cats and visitors entertained. Sold as a mobile unit.

$3,996 Kat Play-Around

Portalize for the Good of Your Shelter

Shelter research shows the benefit to increasing the space in shelters for double compartment housing. The Kat Portal, which connects two Shor-Line cages with a portal the cat can walk through, has been shown to decrease stress and reduce infectious disease.

Adding Kat Portals was a key component to the Million Cat Challenge a few years ago. The science behind it was published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Available in Kat or Puppy Portals. You will need one template to make accurate cage cuts. If you have non-Shor-Line cages, we also have portals (same cost) that will fit them. Ask your rep for details.

Kat Portal

$79 902.0000.30

Kat Portal Template

$79 300.2229.00

Puppy Portal

$85 902.0000.33

Puppy Portal Template

$79 300.2334.00


Quiet-Time Cage Door Cover

Reduce pet stress with these lightweight cage covers. They fold-up so you can open half-way and there is a card pocket for ID. Machine washable.

$10 Fits 24”W x 24”H door 179.2424.00
$13 Fits 24”W x 30”H door 179.2430.00
$14 Fits 30”W x 30”H door 179.3030.00
$16 Fits 36”W x 30”H door 179.3630.00

Cage Valets

This is everyone’s favorite accessory. A clip holds papers to a polycarbonate clipboard with pocket. It hooks easily on the cage door.

$23 Small 915.0200.04
$27 Large 915.0200.05

Kat Kave

Reduce feline stress by adding a Kat Kave to any cage 30”W or more. The cat can lounge on the top or burrow in the bottom.

$61 Kat Kave 802.0007.01

Record Holders

Stainless Steel tension clipboard attaches easily to the horizontal bar of Shor-Line cages, allowing you to securely clip on important records.

$18 Small, 5½”W x 8¼”H 802.0010.05
$24 Large, 9”W x 12¼”H 802.0010.06

Stainless Steel Card Holders

Stainless Steel holder makes it easy to slide in a card to identify patients. Available in Large or Small.

$10 Small, 5”W x 3”H 802.0000.01
$14 Large, 8”W x 5”H 802.0000.02

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