Emerging from one of the most challenging 18-month stretches is an optimism about pet ownership that continues to glow brighter. This gives you an opportunity to invest in your practice and add new equipment to improve efficiency and versatility.

We are working hard to give you the best possible prices in the Year End Sale* despite raw materials shortages and increases. Order now to reserve your items…most deliveries will be in 2022. When submitting on the website, include YES21 in the notes. Work with our reps if you need items sooner. There are more options available in Humane and Grooming sections.

Call 800.444.1579 from 8:30-5 p.m. CT M-F. Read about it in a flyer that should arrive in your offices in October.

Runs 10.15.21 to 1.7.22, US only*

*Prices are F.O.B. Kansas City, KS. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include installation, shipping and handling charges or any applicable taxes. Shor-Line is not responsible for any typographical errors.

Light Up Specials

Our Prelude LED Surgery and Exam Lights receive rave reviews for ergonomic flexibility combined with durability. Bring the cost savings and illumination benefits of LED lights to your practice.

Prelude LED Surgery and Exam Lights on SALE

Single Ceiling Mount LED Surgery Light

$3,467 913.8000.04 Single Ceiling Mount LED Surgery Light

Dual Ceiling Mount LED Surgery Light

$7,022 913.8000.05 Dual Ceiling Mount LED Surgery Light

Single Wall Mount LED Exam Light


$1,597 913.7000.01 Single Wall Mount LED Exam Light

Upgrade Your Scales

We know our scales last for decades. But we’ve continually improved our scales…four load cells increase weight accuracy on four-pawed animals.

K9-W8 Scales

Durable enough for the waiting room and easy to calibrate. It will deliver decades of accurate weights.

$961 905.5010.43 K9-W8, Wall Mount
$999 905.5010.47 K9-W8, Post Mount

Blue-Line Scales

The same four accurate load cells deliver high performance in this scale. We have added a touch of color for a stylish accent while keeping it all easy to clean. Available in blue, jade, taupe gray or black.

$1,218 905.3015.04 Blue-Line, Post Mount, Jade
$1,133 905.3011.05 Blue-Line, Wall Mount, Jade

Feline LS Scale

This portable scale features high sides to reduce feline stress. The cat crouches down for comfort, and you record an accurate weight. The perfect addition to the treatment area!

$317 905.0400.05 Feline LS Scale

Feline Specials

The AVMA’s and AAFP’s programs geared towards encouraging more feline veterinary visits are gaining traction. Here are some novel exam and housing solutions to pamper felines:

Blue-Line Feline LS Exam Table

Our NEW Feline exam table is soon to be your favorite table. Use it in the back work area or in exam rooms. It has a hydraulic lift so everyone can choose the best height. Lots of space for a computer and a cat carrier.

Introductory Price $1,890
909.4122.00 Standard Blue
909.4122.01 Jade
909.4122.02 Taupe Gray
909.4122.03 Black

Continuum Short V-Top Surgery Table

The Continuum 46”L is shorter version of the feature-filled V-Top… perfect for feline surgery. It offers the “X” base that lets you move in closer to the table. The removeable tray beneath the table captures surgical waste.

$2,562 903.4800.01 Short V-Top


Introducing the Feline Comfort Suite

This revolutionary feline housing is waterproof. It has extra space and lots of options for doors that allow felines to see out. The Suite configuration provides an 18”W litter area and a 24”W or 30”W main living area with pass throughs. Sample pricing below. Note: you can configure your option choices. Call to secure discount pricing on your configuration.

$3,070 4’W Feline Comfort Suite with Tri-Panel doors, 30”W main, mobile platform
$3,170 4’W Feline Comfort Suite with Polycarbonate doors, 30”W main, mobile platform

Feline Comfort Condos

We also offer the same great waterproof housing in Feline Comfort Condos. The Condos are single unit housing that you can connect with pass-throughs. This gives you the option of double compartment housing when space and feline health allows.

 Like the Suites, there are four door styles available. They come in 24”W and 30”W units. The 7½ unit is shown as well as pricing for the 4’W unit. There are more options in configurator.

$3,264 4’W Feline Comfort Condos with Tri-Panel doors with pass throughs, four 24”W main, mobile platform
$4,946 7½’W Feline Comfort Condos with Tri-Panel doors with pass throughs, six 30”W main, mobile platform

Feline Serenity Suite

Our newest Stainless Steel feline housing offers the luxurious view in the main living area and the full-height litter area with the cleaning benefits of Stainless Steel. And it connects with the popular Kat Portal!

$2,758 902.0000.51 3½’W’ Unit
$2,960 902.0000.52 4’W Unit
$3,336 902.0000.53 5’W Unit

Add a Kat Kave

Reduce feline stress by adding a Kat Kave to any cage 30”W or more. The cat can lounge on the top or burrow in the bottom.

$61 802.0007.01 Kat Kave

Cage Banks Were One of the Heroes of the Pandemic

Our legendary mobile cage banks became drop-off/pickup stations in the lobby as well as staging areas for drop-exams.

Our Stainless Steel cages have led the industry for decades because of the extra welds and bars on the door for strength. The hinges and latches keep pets secure. And everyone appreciates how the rounded corners make disinfecting easy.

We are offering ALL cages at show discount pricing for everyone who hasn’t been able to travel to shows. This offer expires at the end of the sale, so order NOW! Find your preferred configuration or cage bank and ask for YES21 pricing.

4’W Stainless Steel Cage Assembly,
Option B

This assembly is our most popular. It has two 24”W cages on top and a 48”W double door cage on the bottom.

$2,082 4’ Stainless Steel Cage Assembly, Option B, mobile

6’W Stainless Steel Cage Assembly,
Option A

This is the most popular assembly. It has three 24”W openings on top and two 36”W cages on the bottom.

$3,029 6’ Stainless Steel Assembly, Option A, Mobile

Surgery + Treatment

Shor-Line was an early pioneer of the veterinary surgery table. The Classic remains our most popular table. Look for bargains on new and improved products.

Classic V-Top Surgery Table

This V-Top sets the industry standard for surgery tables with superior craftsmanship. It adjusts from near vertical to flat and has quick-release cam cleats, so you choose how to position for surgery. The removeable trough makes cleanup easy.

$3,338 903.4100.02 58”L, Rotational

Classic Short V-Top Surgery Table

This has all the great features of the Classic but in a 46” length. This is ideal for small dogs and felines.

$3,193 903.4800.00 46”L, Short V-Top

Stainless Steel Tub Tables

Our 60”L knee space tub tables are a great wet table for everything from dentistry to cleaning up an injured pet. The most popular combination is one door plus three drawers. Use our configurator to create a standard but custom combination and ask for YES21 pricing. Pair it with a deck-mount faucet that fits in the pre-drilled openings.

60”L Tub Table, Left Hand Knee Space, 1 Door + 3 Drawers

This Tub Table has left hand knee space with drawers on the side.

$3,390 904.5000.66 60”L Tub Table, LH Knee Space, 1 Door + 3 Drawers

60”L Tub Table, Right Hand Knee Space, 1 Door + 3 Drawers

This Tub Table has right hand knee space and the popular storage drawers to the side.

$3,390 904.5000.68 60”L Tub Table, RH Knee Space, 1 Door + 3 Drawers

Economy Deck Mount Faucet with 8’ Polyethylene Hose

$366 804.0138.00 Economy Deck Mount Faucet with 8’ Polyethylene Hose

NEW! Ultrasound Table


Makes your mobile ultrasound machine easier to use. The collapsible table sits on a surgery or exam table. Your hand and wand maneuver easily underneath the pet so both of you are comfortable.

$310 903.3960.00 Small—18”W x 24”L
$505 903.3961.00 Large—48”W x 24”L
$793 903.3962.00 Combo with both—66”W x 24”L


NEW! Preferred Lift Exam Table

This table is like having an assistant in the room with you—controls for raising and lowering and multiple tie-down options. The spacious tabletop can hold a laptop for Zoom sessions and positioning in peninsula or lateral positions. Let the table do the work for you.

$4,142 903.3400.00 Black Edge Band
$4,142 903.3400.01 Blue Edge Band

Fold-Up Wall Mount Exam Table

This the best exam table you will ever own. You’ll love its easy-to-clean rounded corners.

$1,037 903.1130.04 Peninsula

Mobile Animal Lift Table (MALT)

This is the perfect table for the COVID era. It helps transport a patient from the parking lot to the treatment area. The MALT is 20”W x 44½”L and raises from 10¾” to almost 37½”H.

$2,294 903.3120.00 MALT

Add an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Face it, we all need a little cushioning after the last 18 months!

$70 803.0100.07 36”W x 24”L
$92 803.0100.05 48”W x 24”L

Grooming/Bathing Area

Elite Grooming Tub

Ergonomics are built in to allow placement of the included PVC coated floors at the bottom, middle or the top. The stairs slide out to help the pet in and kick out of the way. Easy to clean.

$3,299 904.0702.40 Left Hand Door, Right Hand Drain
$3,299 904.0702.41 Right Hand Door, Left Hand Drain

Wall Mount Faucet with Blue Coil Hose

This dependable faucet attaches to either side of your tub and includes a durable sprayer. It fits the built-in openings and works with the Classic or Elite Grooming Tubs.

$414 804.0139.00 Blue Coil Hose

All-Purpose Grooming Table

Looking for a durable table with pet-friendly surface for drying and nail trims? This could become your favorite. It is counter height and ergonomically ideal for drying, nail trimming or primping the pet for pickup. The black, textured tabletop is 42”W x 26”D.

$498 903.4227.00 White
$498 903.4227.01 Silver Vein


Quiet-Time Cage Door Cover

Reduce pet stress with these lightweight cage covers. They fold-up so you can open half-way and there is a card pocket for ID. Machine washable.

$10 179.2424.00 Fits 24”W x 24”H door
$13 179.2430.00 Fits 24”W x 30”H door
$14 179.3030.00 Fits 30”W x 30”H door
$16 179.3630.00 Fits 36”W x 30”H door

Cage Valets

This is everyone’s favorite accessory. A clip holds
papers to a polycarbonate clipboard with pocket.
It hooks easily on the cage door.

$23 915.0200.04 Small
$27 915.0200.05 Large

Record Holders

This Stainless Steel tension clipboard easily attaches to the horizontal bar of Shor-Line cages, allowing you to securely clip on important records.

$18 802.0010.05 Small, 5½”W x 8¼”H
$24 802.0010.06 Large, 9”W x 12¼”H

Stainless Steel Card Holders

This Stainless Steel holder makes it easy to slide in a card to identify patients. Available in Small or Large.

$10 802.0000.01 Small, 3”W x 5”H
$14 802.0000.02 Large, 5”W x 8”H

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