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Clean Air in Animal Housing

Clean Air in Animal Housing

Shor-Line Stainless Steel Cages with VentilationGood air exchange provides a healthier environment for pets. The ideal time to build in an "active" ventilation system is when you are remodeling or building because you can easily access the venting systems to add a fan and duct work.

Active systems use a mechanical method, such as a fan, to "pull" stagnant air gently out of the housing unit and through the exhaust system. This allows fresh air to slowly move into the cage.

Cats, especially, are naturally susceptible to stress and illness, and they benefit from the cleanest possible air. When done well, there are no drafts, just a continuous supply of fresh air.

Shor-Line has developed three systems to connect to your active fan system:

Let's briefly review each system. Contact our consultant team for a FREE consultation and let them know you want to talk about ventilation systems. They also are available for free to talk with your architect, builder or contractor.

Stainless Steel Cage Ventilation

Shor-Line's Stainless Steel cages are built with good ventilation. In a facility, the microclimate, or what an individual animal experiences, depends on the air flow within your facility. For example, corner areas with strong afternoon window light will heat up faster than other areas.

An active ventilation system helps keep the air fresh in each housing unit. The Shor-Line system uses an air plenum in the natural space between the cages and a vent located high in the cage to gently suck out stagnant air. This allows fresh air to slowly circulate in.

On stacked units (like the one shown), the Shor-Line system allows you to reach a balance between the top and bottom units for even air flow and better odor control.

This system does not take any living space away from the pet and is easy to maintain. It does need to be added at the time of your cage order. And we recommend including our team in the early meetings with architects and/or builders. This allows everyone to plan early to save you money.

Serenity Suite Ventilation

Shor-Line's newest feline Stainless Steel housing is the Serenity Suite. It pairs the tri-door system on our Feline Comfort Suite  with our famous Stainless Steel cages. It has an attached 18"W litter.

The ventilation system uses the same concept of the air plenum as the Stainless Steel cage but the vent is on the litter side and the vent system sits in the opening between the litter and the main housing area. Again, it does not remove any living space from the unit.

It also helps reduce odor by circulating in fresh air. Again, the Shor-Line system helps you achieve an air flow balance between the top and bottom units.

Like the Stainless Steel unit, this ventilation system attaches to your fan system and lifts stagnant air out so fresh air can come in.

Stainless Steel Cat Suite

This was the original Stainless Steel cat double-compartment housing unit. It is filled with low-stress features that help felines relax. It also has an attached 12"W litter area and pass throughs.

The ventilation system is similar to the Serenity Suite as the air plenum fits between the litter and the main living area. This allows for good air circulation without removing any living space.

You will notice odor reduction as the system lifts air (and its odor) from both the top and bottom units. The key is the air balance between the two that you can achieve with this system.

Like the Stainless Steel unit, this ventilation system attaches to your fan system and lifts stagnant air out so fresh air can come in.

Feline Comfort Suite Ventilation

In the Feline Comfort Suites, the Shor-Line ventilation system rests in the far corner next to the pass-through. It creates a column that moves air through the adjustable vent and out a 4"-diameter opening.

The air chamber cover has strong magnets that allow it to fit snuggly to the corner but also be easy to remove for cleaning.

On stacked units, there is a triangle vent that fits in the top corner. It pulls the stagnant air up and out to your fan system. Fresh air replaces it for a positive in-condo experience and improved odor control.

The Shor-Line ventilation system helps you balance between the top and bottom living spaces so both have even air flow.

Planning for Ventilation

Remember that you can always request a FREE consultation to discuss your ventilation needs. We recognize that lots of planning goes into these projects, and we have lots of air movement testing information we can share with you and your architect or builder.

The Shor-Line ventilation system is patent pending.