Moving On Up

Double Decker Kennels are a great choice for small to medium canines. Paired with small transfer doors, it is especially ideal for bonded groups of small dogs.

Shor-Line Kennels: Two Kennel Options, One Commitment to Durable Design

The Double Decker Kennel lets you save on floor space by building the kennel up a layer. This is ideal for small or medium dogs or cats…obviously separating dogs and cats!

The standard Double Decker unit comes standard 3’ or 4’W and 3’ or 4’D. Each opening is 34”H, so with the 1” kennel tube, the second story of the Double Decker will sit counter height (35”) off the ground. This is a comfortable height for lifting pets.

Choosing Your Options

These good-looking kennels can be fashion-forward. With six standard colors and nine premium colors (possibly a small up charge) to choose from, you can mix and match to create a unique design statement.

Most customers will put a floor on both levels of the Double Decker Kennel. (You have to put a floor on the higher unit but the bottom unit can sit on your concrete floor.) You can choose a brightly colored floor or go with a standard beige. Ideally, you will use a drain system to make cleaning easy. The drain typically sits in the back and there is a slight slope to drain to the back. An optional half-T-cover protects the dog from the drain.

By adding side transfer doors, you can build in flexibility for meeting boarding needs. Small dogs love running between the cages…it’s almost like a mini-maze! Cleaning is easy when you shut off one area, and workers transfer the pet back over to clean the other side.

T-Kennel feed slots come standard on the Double Decker but you can upgrade to a Swivel Feeder system. The Double Decker accepts the Swivel Feeder with the two 1-quart bowls.

Gate and Panel Choices

The material you choose for the Double Decker will influence the price. The frame for the unit can be Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel. Many customers choose the front gate section to be Stainless Steel for the durability and look. The other sides and backs can be galvanized because the metal will be covered with the PVC panels.

Tempered glass is a smart-looking luxury option. Customers like the clear, home-like appearance. If budget is a concern, mix and match the panels. Side panels and the front can be tempered glass, and use the PVC panels between the units. This allows for transfer doors and a visual barrier if the transfer door is closed.

Another front option to consider is marrying a Stainless Steel gate for good ventilation with a glass panel and feeder for looks and convenience.

Running a Row

The greatest versatility comes when you run a row of Double Deckers with transfer doors. You can provide extra space for your medium dogs or more roaming room for the small, bonded families.

If you have a larger area and need more flexibility, you can look at the Tri-Kennel or the Quad Kennel. The Tri-Kennel pairs a Double Decker with a Single Kennel. With the transfer door open, the dog can run from the Single Kennel to the bottom part of the Double Decker. If capacity is tight, then you can use all three openings in the Tri-Kennel by keeping the transfer door shut.

The Quad Kennel is essentially two Double Decker Kennels back to back with the added benefit of being able to install back and side transfer doors. Open up some or all of the transfer doors to create large room areas.

All Double Deckers can be built as raised units or on concrete.

The Kennel Configurator helps you look at a wide range of options for different panel styles and materials. Click on the link to learn more and ask for a price quote.

Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel Kennels Differences

Stainless Steel is steel mixed with chromium in its molten state, which creates a highly durable steel that resists rusting. We use high-quality Stainless Steel for the product longevity our customers enjoy.

Our galvanized steel is hot-dipped into zinc. The liquid zinc bonds to the steel, forming a protective layer that resists corrosion. Although these are also durable kennels, they are not as strong as Stainless Steel and have a more matted hue that changes over time. Most customers prefer to use it covered in PVC panels where it does not show.

Consider requesting a FREE consultation to explore your options and better understand the benefits and sometimes drawbacks of moving on up to Double Decker housing. Or request a quote for the size and color you need.

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