Folding Kennel Flexibility

Managing demand and capacity are among the biggest boarding challenges. Folding kennels provide great options.

This Kennel Folds Out but Rests Just 7” Against the Wall

Ever wished you could have expandable kennel space for those high-demand times? The Folding Kennel could become your new best friend.

Our Shor-Line engineers developed a way to have durable T-Kennel runs available in a Folding Kennel. By using just 7”D of floor space, you can keep T-Kennel runs available to pull out.

The animation shows how the Folding Kennel opens and closes. These are the same durable T-Kennel panels but just a little lower in height and length.

Ideal for Boarding and Daycares

Many boarding and daycare facilities have long walls and open play areas. These are terrific for canine play. Yet as every facility knows, there are some dogs who get overly excited or just tired. They could use at safe resting area or just a short “time out” break. Putting the Folding Kennel in the room allows staff to pull out one or more kennels for a short canine rest break.

This is a win for the pet who can regain control, rest and then return to play. And it is a win for the facility that can keep the workers in the room with the other dogs while giving attention and redirection as needed to a dog or two.

At night, the Folding Kennels can expand to have all openings available as sleeping quarters. This offers “overflow” housing for holiday breaks and other high-capacity times.

How it Works

A series of latching pins and connectors take the panels and connect them. This product uses a Stainless Steel gate and galvanized steel side and back frames. All Stainless Steel is available for an additional charge.

Each kennel pulls out and locks into place one at a time. You can run up to eight kennels in a row. It folds back up just as easily.

Color it Up

You can make the same color statement with your Folding Kennel as your kennel runs. The panels come in six standard colors and nine premium colors (additional time and charge). We have seen some terrific color combinations that make the standard housing look very premium!

PVC floor panels come with the unit. Most customers find a gray or beige to be a good floor color choice. The darker colors sometimes do too good a job of camouflaging accidents.

Where You Can Install

The Folding Kennel needs to install into a concrete or reinforced back wall. Take advantage of your FREE consultation to talk with an experienced sales representative about installation as well as size and design options. Click to view the product listing and request a no-obligation quote.


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