Indoor Play Areas Add Safety and Flexibility

Ever wished you could have a smaller area were the littles or seniors could stroll around in peace? Shor-Line’s selection of Pocket Play Areas allow you to add a section for pet customers with different needs.

These are built with the strength of T-Kennel panels and available in the same selection of colors. The insulated panels help dampen the noise, so it is superior to other room dividers.

Each play area will be a custom build to fit your space. There are several ways of designing the play section from bolting to a cement floor to attaching to a wall. Consult your sales representative for a FREE consultation.

When talking with your rep, it helps to have a drawing. Whether it is an idea on a sketch pad or an architect’s drawing, email it in advance. This makes the discussion go right to what you need.

Sizing the Play Area

Your best price and quickest turnaround will be from standard T-Kennel panel sizes. Standard panels are 4′, 5′, 6′ and 8’W by 6’H. Most customers chose a panel gate (3′, 3’6″ or 4’W) to keep the pets focus on the play and not the outside, but either grill or panel gates are available.

Creating a long, vertical run area can allow exercise for the pets as well as play options. If you are rotating this between senior and tiny breeds, add the enrichment items for the tiny dogs and then remove them for seniors with vision or mobility issues.

The beauty of the pocket play areas is they are only limited by your imagination!The indoor play yard can use a galvanized frame to save money because we will cover it with the PVC material. Stainless Steel is also available.

When properly secured to the floor, the Pocket Play Area will absorb the shocks of roughhousing and still remain stable.


To Drain or Not to Drain

If it is possible, it will be easier to clean the area if it has its own drain. Trench drains are idea. Work with your architect if it is a new build. You know pets can get excited during play, and clean up is easier with a drain.

Explore Your Options

A FREE consultation is the best place to start. Have a discussion of your needs and how we can meet them, and you are on you way to a great Pocket Play Area.

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