Transfer Options

There are several options to allow dogs to transfer between living spaces.

Using Transfer Doors to Increase Pet Satisfaction

Transfer doors add to the versatility of your kennel and enhance the dog’s experience at your facility. University studies show that pets do better when their bathroom area is separate from their sleeping area.

All run Transfer Doors are made from 1/8” thick aluminum and use a 3/32” thick aircraft-grade Stainless Steel cable to raise and lower the door.

There are three types of transfer doors available from Shor-Line:


Full Size Transfer Doors

These doors are built to fit in the back of the kennel(s) you order, and you need to include them in the initial kennel build. Your kennel width will determine the door width. There will be a latch mechanism that allows you to lock the door open, partially open or closed from both sides of the gate. The Transfer Door will lift up the full width of the door and 4’ high, providing an great choice for large and giant breeds.

Side Transfer Doors

These doors are most often used on side doors, and they are smaller. These come in these standard sizes (special orders are available):

  • 16”W x 24”H opening with 18”W x 28”H door
  • 16”W x 32”H opening with 18”W x 35”H door
  • 24”W x 32”H opening with 26”W x 35”H door

Pet Swinging Door

Indoor/Outdoor runs benefit from the new Pet Swinging Door. This commercial-grade pet door allows you to give the dog access to the outside at the dog’s choice. This saves staff time from repeatedly letting a dog out and conserves energy by limiting the amount of outside air that comes in. It still allows you to lock down access to the outside at night or during bad weather. Standard unit is a 18”W and 25”H opening with a heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame and clear, shatter-resistant acrylic doors. Different installation kits are available for different situations.

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