Heat-Free Drying

Heat-Free Drying

A good dryer gives that finishing touch to freshly groomed pets. Shor-Line's dryer has all the benefits of a secure environment and an efficient dry without the worry that can happen occur with heat.

Dryer cages are an important tool in the grooming trade. Customers have the expectation of a fluffy, clean, attractive pet when they pick up.

Shor-Line’s line of dryer cages uses a patented heat-free system that avoids some of the perils that go with a heated dry. Our method uses two high-volume fans to lift the fur up. The air turbulence dries the fur and creates that desirable “fluffy” look.

Drying without heat also lessens pet dehydration risk. We build in fan guards at both ends to protect curious paws. And, all our dryers are UL listed and OSHA compliant.

We know safety is one of your key concerns, so we stay abreast of the latest information and use it when improving our dryers.

According to Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists Association (PPGSA) Standard of Care, when cage drying, the groomer must:

  • Monitor the pet closely and frequently to ensure safety and comfort.
  • Place only one pet per compartment, unless the pet owner consents otherwise.
  • Have an enclosure large enough for the pet to sit, stand and turn around comfortably.

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One of the best practices many small groomers employ is to place the dryer cage where they can see it as they work on other dogs. This allows continuous monitoring. Our dryer cages come on lockable casters, so if you change the salon layout, you can still reposition the dryer cages.

For added convenience for the small salon, we have a Triple Unit that combines two cages on the top of a dryer. Because the dryer uses cool air, the waiting dogs will not be subjected to temperature extremes.

Larger grooming businesses have dedicated holding areas with bathers or other personnel who check regularly on the groomed pet’s welfare. See our section Grooming Holding Options.

The upper holding cage on the Triple Unit features two 24½” wide cages. For pet comfort and drainage, add a PVC Coated Floor for Plastic Cage that lifts the pet off the cage floor. Pair it with a High Impact Pan for Plastic Cage to catch water drips and any elimination.

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