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Durability is our promise on ALL Grooming tubs, and we provide choices to fit your needs

Elite Grooming Tub

The flagship of the Shor-Line tub line, the Elite Grooming Tub, takes everything customers have asked for in a tub and puts it into one product.

Durability was on top of the customer want list. Tubs are critical to groomers, and they need to last for decades. We put all our Stainless Steel manufacturing excellence into crafting a smooth, ergonomically flexible tub that can withstand soap, claws and lots of dog bumps and still perform.

The 1”-square Stainless Steel frame demonstrates how we build in durability. The frame provides great stability to the unit. Note how we designed the front with a taper to eliminate sharp edges.

Ergonomics have never been more important. The bather can have the dog walk up the stairs, and they choose to either bathe the pet with it standing on the bottom or move it up to a raised floor that sits on rails. The raised bathing keeps the pet at counter height, which is one of the recommendations for protecting the worker’s back. The restraint ring also slides along the back bar, providing more bathing flexibility.

With premium features designed throughout, this could your favorite tub for decades.

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