Grooming Tables

We crafted our grooming table line to provide premium features that last for decades…with colors that are designer friendly!

From Ergonomics to Durability:
Shor-Line Grooming Tables Make Grooming Easier

Next to the groomer, the grooming table has the hardest job in the building. A good table is your partner, taking the pet up and down reliably while letting you adjust it for the perfect height and angle for every pet customer.

Both the Elite and Big Top tables keep ergonomics in mind. The coated table texture has just enough grip for security but not too much that it would scratch you or the pet. The pivoting grooming arm travels 180˚ around the end, locking in five positions and the height adjusts from 22” to 39”H vertically. (The Grooming Arm, shown below, is available separately as a retrofit purchase. It can fit into most competitive grooming tables.)

The details matter during an 8-hour grooming day. Rounded corners that don’t bruise your hips let you slide around the table with grace, making every move count. The actuator pedal works on both sides, so no matter which side you put on the finishing touch, it is the right side.

There is a bright future for pet grooming. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates pet grooming business will grow at 11 percent through 2023. Investing in a grooming table with Shor-Line’s legendary durability allows you to grow your business and focus on the artistry you love.

What is the Difference Between Elite and Big Top Tables?

As the pet owners seek grooming services for larger dogs, Shor-Line responded with the Big Top Grooming Table™. The Big Top is about 2” wider for a 26”W x 48”L table. The other features are the same.


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