Plumbing  for Groomers

Plumbing for Groomers

Different options tailored for your special needs

Groomers have special plumbing needs because of the amount of pet hair that will regularly channel to the drain. We offer a limited selection of plumbing that we know will stand up to groomer use.

All our grooming tubs have a traditional two-hole plumbing access. For versatility, both sides have the holes so you choose which side has the sprayer. The included supply caddy locates opposite the faucet.

The wall-mount faucet needs to have a durable sprayer that will stand up to being dropped because we know you are always going to put the pet first. All our faucets have paddle handles for easy on/off with flick of your wrist.

We offer both a lightweight blue vinyl coil hose and a Stainless Steel hose. The vinyl hose is the lightest, minimizing the weight you have to support as you move around the pet. It’s also the most cost-effective option.

Some people prefer a Stainless Steel hose for durability, but it is much heavier to maneuver around the pet. Also, it does not have the compactness that the coil hose provides.

Most groomers choose an exclusive sprayer faucet outlet to minimize the clutter. The Stainless Steel faucet does have a 12”L traditional wall-mount faucet in addition to the sprayer.

A hair interceptor is the groomer’s best friend because unclogging a drain in never any fun. Most grooming tubs come with a basic hair filter but the Hair Interceptor is a more durable unit that that traps hair and makes cleaning it out simple.

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