Accessories for Felines

Retrofit your existing housing or plan extra features to your new construction to pamper cats

Ways to Make Your Housing More Feline Friendly

Shor-Line has worked with shelter medicine professionals to develop feline housing accessories that help improve the lives of cats by assisting those sheltering felines with cost-effective solutions to deliver a high-quality feline housing experience.

Leaders in the shelter medicine field gathered together in an initiative to save one million feline lives over five years by implementing and encouraging five initiatives to change how cats in shelters are managed. Last year, founders Drs. Kate Hurley and Julie Levy announced the national initiative had reached its goal years ahead of schedule.

One section focuses on the capacity for care, which outlines best practices in feline housing and lowering feline stress. This not only results in better feline health but also higher adoption rates. When more cats find happy homes, shelters and animal control facilities can help more cats achieve positive outcomes.

Shor-Line has worked with many of these shelter professionals to both develop retrofits to Shor-Line’s housing but also to create new, innovative housing and accessories. The importance of providing double-compartment housing is one of the key takeaways. This gives cats the choice to have a bathroom area away from their sleeping area.

Shor-Line provides Kat Portals (see below) that allow you to convert Shor-Line Stainless Steel cages into double-compartment housing or order them on new cages. The new Feline Comfort Suites, Stainless Steel Cat Suites and Serenity Suites all provide options for the kind of double-compartment housing the Million Cat Challenge team recommends as ideal.

The items below can retrofit into your current housing or be part of a new project:

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