Adoption Housing Options

From mobile housing to open, clear housing units that let pets interact, there is a housing solution that will work for your shelter or animal control facility.

Creating a great first impression both helps the pets and the facility

Both new facilities and renovations of existing shelters and animal control buildings are making room for adoption housing that allow pets to showcase in a main room. It draws in potential adopters and gives pets enrichment.

Some of the best practices for adoption housing are clear doors, clean colors and mobile units. This allows you to locate the unit in the best place for traffic flow, viewing and keeping pets a safe temperature.

The runs shown have colorful tiles with light coloring. The kennel gate keeps the pet secure while allowing the pet to interact. The swivel feeder makes feeding easy so caregivers can spend more time with the pets.

Building in flexibility

Shor-Line just introduced the Kat Klowder, a folding cat play area that lets felines frolic and jump between benches and added Kat Kaves or toys. The rugged polycarbonate panels provide a clear barrier that lets both cats and potential adopters see.

The Kat Klowder also features a sliding polycarbonate door that lets you slide in with adopters to show the cats and encourage bonding. The interaction generates interest from others in the area.

The beauty of the Kat Klowder is that it folds up tightly so it can transport to other locations or adoption events. (We recommend moving in a truck.)

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Feline Housing Options

Shor-Line’s new Feline Comfort Suites are perfect for both forward adoption housing as well as sheltering in the back. The new fine-celled foam board is impervious to moisture while remaining strong and durable.

The Tri-Door selection on the Feline Comfort Suite allows you to add the Viewing Dome option. This provides lots of feline enrichment as well as an opportunity for potential adopters to play with the cats and see just how engaging they can be.

The Feline Comfort Suites can take a selection of edge banding colors to give that pop of color that works with any décor while keeping a clean look.

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