The Benefits of Built-in Features

Shor-Line's decades of experience allows us to build in premium features that make your job so much easier that you don't know why you waited to upgrade!

How You Design Your Kennels Can Save Time and Make Dogs Happy

This T-Kennel run has a feeder system in the front and tempered glass gate panels for maximum pet and caregiver visual interaction. The full-size transfer door gives double-compartment housing and makes clean up easy with a sprayer. The T-Cover in the back conceals the trench drain.

Shor-Line provides two lines of kennel runs–Shor-Line and T-Kennel—that give dogs a safe place to recover, rest and rehabilitate. Our years of experience has led to product designs that not only help prevent cross contamination but also make taking care of dogs easier.

The picture shown of the teal T-Kennel run demonstrates several choices that make caregiving easier for staff. The insulated blue panels are sound-dampening and don’t allow the dogs to see each other. The top wire flag gives good ventilation. Note the far left side has a tempered glass flag for light and also to keep debris from getting caught between the kennel and the wall space.

This section of dogs are not “jumpers,” but some shelters have an area that has ceiling wire panels for those canine escape artists who think they can scale the 6’H run. The long run section features a full-size transfer door. Not only does it allow the dog to defecate away from his/her sleeping area, but it makes clean up simple.

Spray washing and cross contamination

Shor-Line runs have always had strong protection from cross contamination. It continues to be a critical need in all animal care situations. This year, Shor-Line released its T-Core with Perfect Panel Design. This is a superior method of manufacturing run side and back panel. It bonds two PVC panels to an extra-dense foam core. The heat and pressure from the lamination helps reduce sound more than ever before. And it adds strength. The extra wide Stainless Steel trim is attractive to look at but also virtually impossible for dogs to chew.

The NEW Triple Sealing Channel follows the slope of the floor (up to ¼” per foot) to prevent cross contamination. This allows you to spray wash  your kennel areas with confidence. Staff prefers spraying to hand cleaning, and the thorough job helps you reach your sanitation goals.

Shor-Line’s team works with architects and contractors to help  you create the best system for your facility. That is why we offer FREE consultations not just at the start of a project but months before and whenever you hit a stumbling block. We have build hundreds of thousands of run gate projects through the years, so we want to share our knowledge with you.


Special Considerations for Double Decker Housing

Especially in large metro areas where space is a premium, Double Decker housing can be great way to add openings so you can serve more pets. Good planning can allow you to have the same type of drainage system that allows you to automate your clean up and protect from cross contamination.

The system shown at right integrates a two-level drain system and small transfer doors (see blue carabiners that allow you to adjust the opening and closing). This is perfect for bonded pairs (or groups) who prefer to board together but might sometimes need a break.

The “Half T-Covers” in the back hide the drain system and allow you to spray the area clean. You can build these systems against a wall or back to back. Each unit is sealed, protecting each occupant from cross contamination. (Note: if you allow pets to move through the transfer doors, then there will be contamination where the pet travels.)

The feeder systems are an option for these units, and many shelters and animal control facilities enjoy the option of using efficient methods (carts or wagons) to move the food quickly to the hungry animals.

All these features allow staff to spend more time socializing and rehabilitating the pets, which is what most employees joined your staff to do. This also helps you move pets more quickly from the sheltering situation to a forever home.

Learn more about your kennel design options by downloading the FREE Kennel Run Guide. It discusses the different kennel run styles available and what the advantages and disadvantages are of each. It also introduces you to the different door, back and side panel choices that make up a kennel.

Kennel Run Guide

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