Retrofitting Feline Cages

Recent studies show that cats stay heathier and are adopted faster when they shelter in a larger cage space. Learn how to retrofit.

Shor-Line works with feline thought leaders to help shelter felines

Shor-Line is on a mission to place Kat Portals in as many shelters as possible.

The reason? Studies show that felines stay healthier when their Five Freedoms are met. This means allowing cats more space to roam, jump, hide and just be cats.

Installing a Kat Portal in a Shor-Line cage increases the amount of living space for the cat. This keeps the litter area away from the sleeping space.

The Kat Portal creates double compartment housing. This gives the feline choice. Most cats prefer to defecate as far as possible from sleeping quarters, so this provides that option. It also allows cats to run from side to side.

How does the Portal Work?

The Kat Portal is inspired by the original portal design UC Davis developed. After years of testing and working with shelter professionals, we are confident the current Kat Portal will both protect your existing cages and give felines roomier housing.

The Portal installs in a cut made into two Shor-Line cages. We sell a template for accurate cutting. (One template works for all your cuts.)

The spacer slides between the cages and maintains the cage integrity. The two sides of the portal attach with silicone and bridge the opening, providing a smooth pass-thru. The “lip” on each side covers up any imperfections.

The portal screws in place. The opening has a stylish paw print…paws up and felines pass thru. Paws down, and the pin inserts to keep the portal closed for cleaning our housing overflow situations.

How does the Portal Work?

Cats are particularly sensitive to environmental changes. Installing portals, or portalizing, has been a big push in the Million Cat Challenge

“The quality of housing can be literally a matter of life or death for a cat entering a shelter,” the authors reported in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (2108).

Shor-Line is committed to helping shelters save the next million cats.


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Other Low Stress Feline Retrofits

Shor-Line has developed several products that help improve feline housing by reducing housing stress.

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