Shelter Planning Help

Whether you are renovating or building new, Shor-Line provides lots of help and guidance for managing your toughest challenges. We know budget will be a factor, and we have decades of experience making your money go as far as possible.

Years of Experience and a Heart for Shelters Guides Shor-Line

In the more than 90 years Shor-Line has been around, the company has seen the remarkable change in shelters from places where stray pets were routinely euthanized to no-kill shelters where animals are rehabilitated.

Shor-Line has been a leader in developing housing that helps shelters evolve and address the changing needs for pet shelter housing. The company’s experience comes not only from working with recognized thought leaders but hands on through volunteer work with shelters and rescues.

Our Consultation Approach

We have learned that every shelter, animal control and rescue has a vision. We take a consultation approach to listening to your dreams and vision. The features of our products only matter when they address your needs.

The cornerstone of what we offer shelters and non-profits are:

  • FREE Consultations at any time. Call us once or dozens of times as you develop you project. We can help with housing designs, concept discussions, layout troubleshooting, feedback on difficult layout issues, housing mixes and current trends. Use our experience.
  • Best practices input. Our experienced sales team have all done thousands of shelters builds nationwide. Chances are, if you can dream it, they have seen some variation of it. Use their experience to improve your dream facility.
  • Service after the sale. Our relationship with you does not stop at the sale. Our team is there for you through installation, shakedown and decades later if you encounter problems. Our customers call this peace of mind.

FREE Consultations

We offer FREE consultations because building or remodeling a shelter or rescue is a challenging proposition. Often, you are trying to plan for an ever-changing influx of dogs and cats, and you have limited control of the pet mix.

What our customers find valuable about our consultations is that the sales person really listens. Our sales team really likes helping you solve the puzzle. As you explain your concerns, challenges or dreams, they are thinking of bits and pieces of similar facilities that have had similar issues and concerns. They can then respond sharing what has worked well and what facilities wish they’d done differently.

To initiate a FREE consultation, fill out this short form. If you have drawings (even if they are on a bar napkin!), email them as well or mention that you have them. A rep for your area will get back to you in two business days.

Best Practices

Shelter housing and medicine has evolved more than any other area of companion animal care in the last three decades. This is a big positive. But with this change comes the challenge of implementing new practices on often limited budgets.

Shor-Line has been at the forefront of many of these new practices—more sheltering space for pets and low-stress housing and facilities. We know budgets available

  • Shor-Line Low Stress. We have retrofits and new equipment that help lower the stress some animal feel in a housing or treatment situation. Learn more with a FREE consultation or on this Low Stress page.
  • Feline Comfort Housing. Shor-Line has worked diligently with shelter professionals and thought leaders to continuously improve feline shelter based on the latest research. Learn more about the NEW Feline Comfort Suite and ways to retrofit existing housing for lower feline stress.

Best Practices

We know there are many steps in shelter building from idea to implementation. There are many ways we can assist you. We have bundled them all into the Stellar Shelter™ Program.

  • Naming plaques for kennels. We know many supporters like having a kennel or room named in honor of a favorite pet or friend. We will provide one Stainless Steel nameplate per Stainless Steel kennel purchased. Call for details.
  • Product materials for raising funds. Many shelters and rescues do online fundraisers for remodeling projects. We can help with online photos and information to help you show the benefit of the purchase for your facility. Contact your sales rep for assistance.
  • Non-profit discount. Shor-Line believes in giving back to the non-profit, shelter and rescue community. We support national organizations and then provide all qualifying shelters with discounts at the time of their build. We believe that allows every shelter to have a chance to benefit rather than picking and choosing only a few for large donations. How do you qualify? Have government-recognized not-for-profit status (501(c)3).
  • Consultation and materials. We know you need to present to stakeholders, and we can help. Take advantage of the FREE consultation early and often.

Service After the Sale

Shor-Line has been in business since 1929, and the company’s reputation grew from crafting high-quality products that last for decades. We have always stood behind our craftsmanship.

The Technical Support team is available via phone (800.444.1579) or chat during working hours M-F, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. CT, excluding holidays, and email at If you leave a message after hours, the team will get back to you the next business day.

Customers tell us our Tech Support team does a great job of keeping their products in great shape. So, if you have an older piece of Shor-Line equipment, give them a call! Many times, a spare part will put it back into near-new condition.

Old-Fashioned Values for the New Century

Shor-Line believes in continuous innovation that constantly improves shelter housing and equipment while standing behind our products.

High-quality Stainless Steel products have been a cornerstone in shelter housing because it stands up to heavy use. Shor-Line’s careful craftsmanship keeps it solid for decades. Take advantage of your FREE quote today to see for yourself.

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