Get Inspired by Our In-Use Photo Galleries

Looking for ideas? Check out the in-use photo galleries of what other facilities in the animal care profession are doing with Shor-Line products.

Inspiration for Building Your Dream Facility

Shor-Line has been privileged to help customers build their dream facilities for more than 90 years. We continue to innovate our products to meet people’s needs, and we learn new uses for our products from our customers.

Need Design or Planning Help?

Our experienced Shor-Line team helps almost 1,100 facilities a year layout everything from boarding room remodels to complete facilities. This is a FREE service we offer our customers. The average sales representative has 14 years of experience, so use them as an early sounding board with a FREE consultation. We work with your contractor or architect to help maximize your space. Here are some possible discussion areas:

  • How to match the amount and type of housing you need to your current and anticipated pet clientele.
  • Strategies for mixing existing long-lasting Shor-Line products with upgraded products.
  • Solutions for awkward spaces or odd sizes. Just fill out the form for either of these FREE services!

Here are some galleries to share ideas and inspiration.

Kennel Runs

Many animal care professionals from veterinarians to doggie daycare facilities use Shor-Line and T-Kennel runs. Here are some ideas customers have used.

Shor-Line Glass Front with Red PVC wire side panel on curb
Lime Green PVC Kennel shows seal holds tight during spray washing
Front-to-Back T-Kennel with Glass Front Gate with lazy susan feeder, Red PVC Side Panels with Glass Flag and Red Back panel with Full Transfer Door
T-Kennel Side-to-Side Glass Front on epoxy floor with Beige PVC Side Panels with Grill
Shor-Line Glass Doors with lazy susan feeder with Dark Blue PVC Panels with Grill Flags and CMU back
Transfer door counterweight mechanism with Glass Front T-Kennel
Luxury Boarding area with Shor-Line Glass Gates and Panels against tile wall and epoxy floor
Shor-Line Glass Front on epoxy floor with Beige side panels with grill
T-Kennel gates on concrete with CMU and top Grill Flags outdoors
Folding Kennel with standard light blue and green panels
Shor-Line Stainless Steel Grill doors on tile in treatment area
Single Shor-Line Kennel with Wire Gate on concrete with light blue PVC Side and Back with Grill Flags
Yellow T-Kennel Glass Door Gates with lazy susan feeder, PVC Side Panels with Glass Flags and Back Full Transfer Door
Indoor Play and Training area with Purple PVC Panels
Shor-Line Kennel with Wire Gate on epoxy floor with Stainless Steel Panels with Grill Flag against CMU Back with epoxy floor
Shor-Line Stainless Steel Gate with Stainless Steel Side Panels with wire against outdoor block walls
Double Decker with Galvanized Steel gate with Almond side and back panels
T-Kennel panels can enclose an indoor training and play area
T-Kennel suite with side PVC panels with glass and Glass Front and Back panels
Shor-Line Glass Door with special glass panels above


Stainless Steel Cages

There are many ideas for configuring Shor-Line cages. Here is an assortment of installations around the country.

6’ Assembly, Option A with Cat Play Enclosure.
Glass Back Stainless Steel cages
Treatment area Stainless Steel cages with PVC Coated Floors
Oxygen Cage plus rows of Stainless Steel treatment cages
Stainless Steel cages in hospital
Stainless Steel cages
Discharge/Overnight boarding cages
Treatment area Stainless Steel cages
Glass Back Stainless Steel cages in back treatment area
Quiet-Time Cover (blue) on cage
Tub table with Stainless Steel cages
Back treatment and Exam area with Stainless Steel cages
Glass Back Stainless Steel cages
Quad Kennels with glass side door and lazy susan feeders
30”W x 30”W stacked Stainless Steel mobile unit.
Wet table treatment area with Stainless Steel cages
Adoption area with Glass Back Stainless Steel
Double Decker T-Kennel with side transfer door
Bank of Quad kennels with feed slots and drains
Double Decker T-Kennels with lock pins


Cat Condos



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