Not Your Grandfather’s Classic

Our current collection of surgery tables have cutting-edge technology with the same durability you expect from Shor-Line


2017 Classic V-Top

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One of the original Shor-Line veterinary products was the Classic Flat-Top Surgery table. It was inspired by a barbershop trip. Our engineers took the idea of a hydraulic lift and married it with a Stainless Steel surgery table.

Our continuous improvement has taken veterinarian’s input and improved the Classic to the V-Top and Flat-Top tables we sell today. It still has durable Stainless Steel, but we’ve built in ergonomics that allow the surgeon to adjust the table from flat to near-vertical.

In fact, one of the biggest improvement over the decades is making the table so flexible that each surgeon can adjust the tiedowns, height, angle and tilt to hers or his desired position. We even offer height extenders so tall surgeons can have up to an additional 6” of table height.


Classic vs. Continuum

The Continuum V-Top and Flat-Top Surgery Tables were launched a few years ago to provide a premium surgery table with value pricing. It has become a popular table option.

The main differences between the Classic and the Continuum is:

  • Classic surgery tables offer a rotational option and the Continuum tables don’t.
  • Continuum surgery tables have an “X” base that provides space for the surgeon to move closer to the table.
  • Continuum surgery tables have a rectangular column to raise and lower the hydraulic table and the Classic uses a circular column
  • The Continuum has a square, gun-medal, powder-coated base while the Classic has a Stainless Steel ractangular, pyramid-style base.

Tabletop length is the same for both Continuum and Classic tables: Standard V-Tops are 58”L, Short V-Tops are 46”L, and Flat-Tops are 60”L.

Both surgery tables provide a superior surgery experience.

Classic Surgery Table   Continuum Surgery Table


Adding a Wet-Dry Extension

The wave of dental care adoption for pets is more than 20 years old, and it is becoming a popular standard health procedure. Especially in smaller practices or urban areas, adding more wet tables is not always an option.

Shor-Line recently launched the Wet-Dry Extension that attaches to most Shor-Line V-Top and Flat-Top Surgery Tables. It is like a mini-wet table with a grill top and slide-out tray to catch fluids

The Wet-Dry Extension provides a sturdy surface that you can lean into with confidence. That is what customers say is different about the Shor-Line extension.

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