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How do I buy a product?

There are three ways to get quotes for products and two ways to purchase them.

  • Call 800.444.1579 and ask to purchase the item(s). The sales rep will ask information about your address and product-specific choices. Once you agree on the items and payment terms, we will start preparing your product for shipment.
  • Sign on to the Chat available on each page. Our reps monitor chat from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, M-F. You can leave a message during off hours. The rep can get you information and price quotes in chat. However, you will need to make a phone call to provide payment or credit information to complete the sale. This is for your protection.
  • Email a Request a Quote form to receive a quote for the items you need. If you want an immediate purchase, indicate this on the form and provide how you want the sales rep to follow up with you. (You can specify a time and/or telephone number.)